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Imagine you’re en route to the dentist when a few questions arise: Can you drink an iced coffee beforehand? Can you eat before dental sedation? Before undergoing any dental procedure, remembering the dentist’s recommendations is important. Let’s learn more about the essentials of eating before dental sedation.

What Are the Various Types of Dental Sedation?

Safe sedation dentistry helps you relax and feel comfortable throughout treatments. Light, moderate and deep sedation can help relieve slight or intense panic. Sedation also keeps you at ease during extended procedures.

Your dentist may use one of the following types of sedation:

Light Sedation

Nitrous oxide or laughing gas is one of the most common gaseous anesthetics. It keeps you alert but helps make your procedure painless.

You may eat before going under nitrous oxide, but it can cause nausea, so we suggest only taking in a light meal.

Moderate Sedation

Your dentist might recommend oral sedatives, typically in pill form, around an hour before your procedure. You’ll be awake for the appointment but feel drowsy, and the effects can last for up to eight hours.

Refrain from eating for at least six hours before the dental visit.

Deep Sedation

IV sedation renders the highest state of conscious calm as medication flows into your bloodstream.

Fast, or avoid eating, after midnight or at least six hours before the procedure. We discourage alcohol consumption, as well.

Dietary and Other Requirements Before Dental Sedation

Before your procedure, be mindful of these recommendations for eating and general tips:

  • For at least eight hours in advance, try fasting.
  • Avoid drinking any liquids or eating before sedation.
  • Set up transportation arrangements for after the appointment.
  • Schedule the day off work.
  • Let the doctor know if you are under any prescription medication.

When you make your appointment, your dentist can give you specific tips related to the sedation you’ll be receiving, like whether you can eat before your procedure.

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