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Achieving a Whiter Smile

Everyone these days wants a Hollywood smile. Generally, the first thing that people notice about you is your smile. A survey taken in 2002 stated that teeth whitening has grown 25.1%. According to the American Academy of Dentistry, it has increased by more than 300% in the last five years.

There are several reasons why your teeth get yellowed or stained. The most common culprits are using tobacco products, drinking dark-colored liquids, and not taking proper care of your teeth.

young couple smiling at each other

Teeth Whitening Then and Now

In the ancient days of the Egyptians, one of the first whitening methods used was a blend of wine vinegar and ground pumice. They would use this to get pearly whites. Due to technology we have now created a way to have a significant color change in a short period of time. Through in-office whitening, your smile can be brighter in about an hour.

We Offer Teeth Whitening at a Reasonable Price

On a nationwide average, in house teeth whitening is $650.00 per visit. At Dr. Yanni’s office, we know how important a beautiful smile is and we are offering in house teeth whitening in East Brunswick for just $350.00.

We’re Ready to Provide You with Comfortable Dental Care