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Patient Testimonials

Well, I’ve learned my lesson! Never wait 10 years before you see your dentist. I knew I needed to have work done, but I was always afraid of the dentist. The first time I walked into Dr. Yanni’s office, the staff greeted me with open arms. Their smiles, light and caring manner put me at ease. I was so happy to meet the doctor because not only has he helped me with my dental care, but I found a friend in him! When do you find a doctor that takes the time to explain to you what you need, and talk you through it? When your fears arise, he says, “It’s going to be ok” and he makes me feel so much better. I am here for life, Doctor, and so is your staff. Thank you for being the best dentist I’ve EVER been to. Thank you so much to all of you for being so wonderful. You’re the best!

Nancy Gatcomb, Patient

You have all been great, the best dentist I ever had. I hope to continue referring patients to your office. You are all excellent and professional and extremally friendly. Thank you.

Patsy Clemente, Patient

Dr. Yanni first time when I came to your office, I was in so much pain and I left him no pain. You are not only good at your work you are also a good human being. Your staff is very pleasant and welcoming. Now you are the dentist for the whole family. I recommend you to so many of my friends, some are already your patients and they love you too! You know, for any doctor it is the most important thing to listen to the patient and understand them and you actually do that. I would continue to spread the good words for you!

Alka, Patient

I love the dentist!

Shayna (7 years old)

Dr. Yanni and staff make coming to the dentist palatable. They are so very positive and professional. Happy I found Dr. Yanni and staff. Bravo!

Tony, Patient

I am so happy I have found the office. You and your staff are just fantastic. I am only sorry I didn’t find you a long time ago.

Karen, Patient

Dr. Yanni you are a great dentist and make my teeth very healthy. Thank you a lot!!!

Ilyssa, Patient

Dr. Yanni is a great dentist who makes you feel comfortable at every appointment. It’s not often you can laugh while at a dentist’s office. Thank you Dr. Yanni and Staff!

Jamie, Patient

I have never experienced such a caring, skillful doctor and his staff as Dr. Yanni. I belong to the so-called “senior group” which means I can compare past experiences. Here, I always leave with a smile that I was so well taken care of.

Barbara, Patient

Dr. Yanni and his staff are very nice ti me and my family. Thank you!

Shriya, Patient

I am a person who was afraid of Dentist’s since the age of 12, then I moved to EB and found you! You’re very comforting and kind. I’ve been coming here and because of my good experiences, my husband, son, and grandson now come here and feel the same way I do about you. Your contagious manners and cheerful personality has spread to your staff! Keep up the good work. Thank you!

Carole, Patient

Going to the dentist is not quite my favorite thing to do, but everyone here is so nice and really makes this terrifying experience bearable. I appreciate your kindness and I hope I do not have to come here again-just kidding. Thank you and keep up the good work.


As one who is terrified of dentists, Dr. Yanni has completely cured me of that. He is kind, caring, open, honest, and one-in-a-million. I would recommend him to anyone and especially those “scaredy cats” like me. He and his office staff are simply wonderful.

Diane, Patient

Dr. Yanni, Thank you for making my visits here very comfortable. I have had several bad dental visits with others and you gave me the guts to continue my visits here in your office. As for your staff, they are very warm spoken and very caring and an A+ to their knowledge on what is going on. I will continue my dental with Dr. Yanni. Thanks for everything!

Lawon, Patient

Dr. Yanni, Before I found your dental office I was very scared of the dentist. And now that I had the experience with you I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. You are the best and I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

Takesha, Patient

Dr. Yanni, As a dentist he is thoughtful, gentle, and cheerful. He is interested in his patient's care and makes everyone feel special in his care.

Mary, Patient

When first to Dr. Yanni I had loose dentures, I have an odd bone structure on my jaw and the denture would not stay in place. I used dental adhesive, several times a day, but I could only eat soft foods. Dr. Yanni inserted four implants, I no longer have to use the adhesive and the denture stays in place. It's a big improvement from just plain dentures and the procedure was painless.

Rose, Patient

Dr. Yanni has been my dentist since I was a little girl. This is my first time having no cavities in the whole year. He is the best dentist ever and this is why I have no cavities! That is why I have perfect teeth.

Tiffany Covington, Patient Age 9

Dr. Nahel Yanni is a great Doctor in East Brunswick. I highly recommend him if you need a good dentist in the area.

Bill Donnelly, Patient

The Dental Group of East Brunswick has a great, accommodating team from Roseann and Katie at the front desk to Dr. Yanni and Shahira who work together seamlessly.

Louise Flippen, Patient

As a long time patient of Dr. Yanni, I can honestly say that he and his entire staff really care for each and every patient who comes into the office. Dr. Yanni offers the highest quality of dental care.

Dan Korba, Patient

Dr. Yanni and his staff are warm, knowledgable, and caring. They immediately put you at ease and show compassion. My three children (ages 11, 8 and 4) LOVE coming to the dentist and rave about how nice everyone is. Thank you, Dr. Yanni!


I recently had a root canal and not only was there no pain, but I went to work right afterward with NO problems. I love how clean my teeth are after my regular cleanings and the staff is professional and very nice. Thank you!

Melissa Burke, Patient

Oh, that Sunday morning that we found your number in the phone book. We came to your office because I was in excruciating pain due to a bad tooth. If you remember correctly, I was shaking so badly because I was so nervous. After relieving my pain, you explained all the work that needed to be done. Upon returning to your office, we met your staff and needless to say we look forward to coming back. I recommend your office to all of my friends and family. Thank you very much!!!

Richard Duma, Patient

All my life I have had a fear of going to the dentist due to many bad experiences since childhood. After meeting Dr. Yanni, due to my daughter's painful ordeal, he has put my fears to rest. He is the perfect dentist, highly experienced with a great sense of humor and consideration for the patient. Dr. Yanni is great with children, especially my daughter, who also wants to be a dentist one day! Thanks for all your supporting staff. All the best and God bless!

Sharda Bose, Patient

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