Many dental patients are looking for the best in sedation dentistry. NJ residents have convenient access to Dr. Yanni in New Brunswick. Sedation, implants, cosmetic and general dentistry are all within his wheelhouse. What is the importance of sedation dentistry, NJ? To some, it seems an insignificant offering, but to others, sedation dentistry is there sole route to the dentist. This is because to millions of Americans, there is anxiety, up to and including phobias, in regards to visiting the dentist. Sedation dentistry is an important way that these patients are able to find a way to decrease that anxiety, providing methods of coping with their fears.

Sedation dentistry can be applied to the smallest or largest procedures, from the regular maintenance of dental cleanings and exams to the most involved and invasive. Different levels of sedation and different methods of timing the effects of the sedation are available, so this dental discipline is customizable to almost any patient type, need, or scenario. Sedation dentistry, NJ, is designed to make the right pain free experience happen for each patient.

Why not tough it out?

For some patients, there is no ‘toughing it out’. Severe anxiety or even phobia can at best cause them to not sleep the night before an appointment, or even to display behaviors to help them avoid it altogether. Having access to sedation dentistry can help them cope with the more extreme physical and emotional responses they may have. For people with less severe anxiety, it may simply help them to relax the morning of the visit, keeping them calm before and during their appointment, and preventing them from having miserable or fearful experiences. But for the vast majority of patients who need sedation dentistry, it is to keep them from simply ‘not’ attending an appointment. This is a big deal because the choice to not maintain a regular schedule of appointments for dental cleanings and checkups, or even to leave a problem until it gets worse, impacts not just their dental health, but the health of their whole body. The cardiovascular system takes the brunt of severe dental disease, because the blood supply to the teeth and gums flows down to the hearth without even the obstacle of valves in the veins…it drains straight to the heart. When there is bacteria from dental decay or gum disease regularly flowing through the vessels down to the heart, it impacts the health of that organ first, and among other things, can cause leaky valves in the heart as the little bacteria stick to them. Other organ systems are impacted as well, but the effects on the heart are the most dramatic.

Sedation dentistry, NJ, can help a patient hurdle that anxiety and show up to their regular appointments. This results in happy, prettier smiles, and healthier bodies.