Fillings are an essential part of the dentist’s toolkit and can help dramatically change the appearance of your smile. They can also help restore function. Dr. Nehel Yanni is an East Brunswick, New Jersey orthodontist who has successfully used them to help a huge number of patients. Dr. Yanni is gentle, skilled and professional. Whether you have missing teeth, a cavity or an uneven smile you’re not proud to show off, Dr. Yanni can help.

There are many different kinds of fillings used in dentistry. At Dr. Yanni’s office we prefer to use the composite ones. A composite filling is done with a resin-based paste. This has several advantages. First of all, the paste is tinted to perfectly match the color of your teeth. This means that, unlike metal fillings, a composite filling is almost impossible to notice at a glance. This makes composite ideal for cosmetic purposes as well as function.

Since the composite is a paste, it can be essentially sculpted to perfectly fit the space it’s going into. This gives Dr. Yanni a great deal of control and it’s one of the reasons he’s a skilled cosmetic dentist. Once the paste is in place it dries, becoming as hard or harder then a regular tooth and giving your filling incredible durability. Composite fillings have a very low rate of coming loose.

So why might you need a filling? There are many reasons. One of the most common is when you develop a cavity. Cavities are tooth decay that eats away under the enamel of one or more of your teeth. In order to stop the decay they have to be drilled out, leaving an empty place that needs to be filled. Dr. Yanni’s composite fillings do an excellent job of comfortably and safely filling the vacuole left by a cavity.

In other cases, a tooth can become chipped or broken. Even thinking about this may make you cringe, but it’s possible to restore a chipped or broken tooth with a composite filling. Just like a cavity, the space is simply filled in with composite and sculpted to match the surrounding teeth. If a tooth is completely missing or several teeth are damaged, an implant may also be needed to help stabilize the area.

Finally, they can be an integral part of improving your smile’s appearance. If you have jagged or uneven teeth, it is possible to make them appear straighter with a properly applied filling.

Dr. Yanni is one of the most experienced dentists in East Brunswick and the state of New Jersey. Give us a call and ask about how fillings can help you!