Teeth fall out due to many reasons such as age, poor dental health, or an accident. Whether you need to replace one tooth or several teeth there are a lot of tooth replacement options available.

When you loose a tooth it can create more issues than just a hole in your smile. Your teeth work as a team to support your jaw, and the location of each tooth is crucial to your jaw alignment. When one tooth falls out it can cause your jaw to not align correctly and can create many jaw issues. Also when a tooth falls out a hole is left in the gum and food and debris can enter causing infections in the gums if not properly treated. These are just a few examples of the damage a single missing tooth can cause. Knowing your tooth replacement options can be crucial to your health.

When replacing a singular tooth your dentist will recommend a dental implant. A dental implant does require surgery and can cause discomfort. The dentist will prepare the area where the tooth will be located and insert your replacement tooth. Several factors can contribute to being a candidate for this procedure and your dentist will go over your individual situation to ensure that this is the best option for you.

Another option available is a dental bridge. This option requires taking away from the healthy teeth that surround gap in the gums. This option is less preferred because dentists prefer to not hurt a healthy tooth. Often people do select a dental bridge over dental implants because after a dental implant is inserted a patient will experience discomfort and even swelling. Fortunately the dentist will prescribe pain killers to ease any pain and swelling.

Both of these tooth replacement options are easy to care for. Dental bridges and dental implants only require a healthy diet and daily brushing and flossing. With both options it is important to visit your dentist frequently to have regular cleanings and checkups. With a dental bridge it is common for food or debris to get caught under the bridge supports. Use care when extracting these food particles. It is very easy to aggravate the gums if you push on them too hard.

Researching different tooth replacement options can be very overwhelming, and that is where your dentist comes in. Request an appointment to sit down with your dental provider and discuss the services they have available. Go over the pro’s and con’s of each procedure and take some time to consider all the tooth replacement options. This is your smile and your dentist can only provide and recommend the options available. Ultimately it is your decision which one you choose.