Let’s talk implants. These days, society places great importance and value on getting the message out there that we do not have to suffer through life being unattractive. The constant awareness and advertisement of the beauty and fashion industry entices us to take advantage of the latest trends and most up-to-date technology available to us to be all that we can be. Many cosmetic procedures can be performed to improve our appearance and are now more affordable for the everyday person and appeal to the budget, while others may even be covered by medical insurance. There seems to be an abundance of procedures performed on a regular basis by cosmetic and plastic surgeons, orthopedists, dentists, and oral surgeons, to name a few. If you are an individual who is missing a few teeth and are extremely self-conscious about it, dental implants may be in your near future.

Dr. Nahel Yanni’s East Brunswick, New Jersey dental practice is committed to their patients and provides the highest quality of dental services for patient satisfaction, including restorative and cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Yanni believes in preventative care and has a strong desire to educate his patients. His background and knowledge, along with his advanced implantology training, make him an excellent choice for your dental implants. Also offered in Dr. Yanni’s office is sedation dentistry, with the practice of anesthesia administration. This can be accomplished with local administration of an anesthetic via injection (such as Novocain), oral conscious sedation (with medication taken by mouth prior to the treatment), or IV sedation (medication given intravenously directly into the blood stream).

Many people are missing teeth due to multiple reasons, such as tooth decay, gum disease (gingivitis), and accidental injuries. Years ago, if people could afford it, a dental bridge or dentures were the major methods of tooth replacement. A bridge is a fixed device made to fit in the mouth and literally forms a bridge between the teeth to restore or permanently replace missing teeth. A denture, a removable replacement for missing teeth, is made to form a complete set of teeth (both upper and lower) or partial set (upper or lower). Dentures can be worn during the day and removed at night for cleaning. As people with missing teeth have a higher risk of developing tooth decay, periodontal disease, and even TMJ, a dental bridge or dentures are considered to be not only for cosmetic improvement but also for prevention of future dental disorders.

Today dental implants, which are a replacement for tooth roots, are often the preferred approach and assist with speech patterns as the teeth cannot move around, are more comfortable and natural feeling, improve overall oral health and self-esteem, and can last a lifetime. Implants are one of the most amazing innovations ever!