What is sedation dentistry? New Jersey has a large variety of dentist that specializes in sedation techniques. A trip to the dentist can be very stressful. Especially if you do not like going to the dentist. Between 5% and 8% of Americans avoid dentists out of fear. In most cases people say that they are afraid of the dentist because of an experience as a child or even as an adult. Another 20% of Americans say they avoid going to the dentist unless it is an absolute emergency

These fears can be put aside with sedation dentistry. New Jersey state board of dentistry requires 40 hours of lecture training prior to administering any type of sedation to patients. Dental offices that offer sedation are preferred by people that have any anxiety relating to dental work. The next time you contact a dentist to in-quire on what services they offer, make sure to ask what options in sedation dentistry, New Jersey has to offer.

In routine procedures such as extractions and fillings dentists turn to a Novocain. Novocain is a shot that is administered directly in the gums to numb the nerves surrounding the area the dentist will be working in. Once the nerves are numb the dentist is able to work without the patient experiencing any pain. When the shot is administered the patient will feel a pinch and a little bit of pain though. This alone can be difficult for a person that has dental anxiety.

The next option is oral conscious sedation dentistry. New Jersey dentists can prescribe a sedative that the patient takes the night before their scheduled appointment. If the patient prefers to not take an oral pill the dentist can utilize laughing gas (nitrous oxide and oxygen). Both of these methods will help to lower the patient’s anxiety levels while keeping the patient awake.

The final method is IV sedation dentistry. This is used for the most extreme cases of anxiety and for very involved procedures. Often people believe that with IV sedation that the patient is asleep while the procedure is done. This is not always the case. Usually with IV sedation the patient is in a very relaxed state but the patient is still able to understand commands given by the dentist. The drugs used with IV sedation take a little while to wear off and can cause temporary amnesia. That is why people do not remember what happens during the visit and why patients believe they are actually asleep. Don’t be ashamed of any fears you may have with going to the dentist. The cure to your fears may be sedation dentistry. New Jersey dentist offices will be happy to go over each method with you to ensure that you have the best dental experience possible.