Looking for a New Jersey cosmetic dentist? Cosmetic Dentistry is a specialized type of dentistry that is concerned primarily with a beautiful smile. There are a broad range of treatments and procedures that are a part of cosmetic dentistry, and Dr. Yanni offers many of them in his New Brunswick, NJ practice. Cosmetic dentistry should always be secondary to basic dental health and hygiene.

The most superficial of the cosmetic dentistry treatments is teeth whitening or bleaching. This is achieved by applying a whitening agent, either in a dental office or at home. Dentists can assist patients in achieving better and more effective tooth whitening results both by applying their experience and with more advanced procedures and chemistry. This treatment can be offered to most patients, is a relatively low cost option, and is safer and more non invasive than most other types of treatments.

Fillings are one of the most common types of procedures done by a New Jersey cosmetic dentist. This is due to the fact that an estimated 92% of all Americans between the ages of 18 and 64 will have a cavity at one time or another, and fillings are usually part of that treatment. Dentists no longer need to rely on metals that are obviously not natural tooth enamel to treat lost tooth structural material, and so fillings can be done so that they are almost undetectable. These materials are comprised of high density plastics known as composite resins, or porcelain. They more closely mimic how a natural tooth looks, feels,and functions, and bod directly to the remaining tooth structure.

Dentures are a traditional form of cosmetic dentistry. However, in recent years, the art of dentures has zoomed into the future, propelled by the technology of dental implants. Implants have provided a method of anchoring that makes bridges, dentures, and the like look, fit, function, and feel better than they ever have before. Combined with the modern methods of color matching and a practiced hand at aesthetic artistry, dentures are easier to wear and better looking than they ever have been before.

Dental Implants themselves have become a major part of cosmetic dentistry. These screw like appliances are actually bonded to the bone of the jaw, and provide an incredibly stable platform for a single tooth, a bridge, or a denture. This stability allows for great function, and the tooth that is formed to sit upon the implant can be designed for almost any purpose. The other great advantage is the presence of an implant prevents the bone and gum loss that occurs with traditional dentures and with an empty tooth socket. They are not inexpensive, but implants can offer a patient a lifetime of beautiful, functional smiles.

Many other cosmetic dentistry options are available such as Orthodontics, tooth bonding, and veneers. Dr. Yanni is a New Brunswick New Jersey Cosmetic Dentist who also practices general and sedation dentistry. He is taking new patients and is always happy to answer your dentistry questions.