Denture Implants cost really varies according to the anatomy and oral health of a patient, and the type of denture implants that they receive. This specialized segment of dentistry has exploded in recent years, due to leaps in technology and the demand by an aging population. Even with the use of the internet for research, most people will find it very difficult to get good information on pricing for dental or denture implants. This is due to the amount of variability in the oral layout and health of each patient, the state of their jawbones, how long they’ve gone without teeth or whether or not they need dental extractions, and the difference in cost for dentists to operate in each geographical region, and of course, their insurance.

Obviously, the different types of denture implants cost different amounts as well. Advertising one price generally means that the patient would be dissatisfied with the service of a dentist when extra costs are tacked on due to their situation, so most dentists just don’t put hard numbers out there. Often, the dentist doesn’t really know what the cost will be until a thorough dental exam, and even a dental CT scan is done. Kind of hard for patients to shop around first under these circumstances, but most dentists understand these problems, and work with patients to help them understand what they need and how much it will be to get there.

First thing a candidate for dentures or denture implants cost needs to figure out is exactly what kind of denture implants they want. There are implants that are tiny and designed to simply hold a denture in place, but be removable by the patient. There are more sophisticated implants that are designed to anchor a sleek and palate-less denture into place, removable only by a dentist, but maintained just like natural teeth. Both of these options really eliminate the slipping and problems with speech and chewing that are so common, particularly with lower dentures. They also eliminate the need for denture adhesives, which is a common source of misery all to itself.

Oral health plays a part in how things heal. Healing is an integral part of any type of implant use, as the titanium hardware is designed to fuse directly into the bone through healing. Loss of bone or gum tissue can make some implants difficult or impossible to use, limiting the options that patients have. General health, mostly centered around healing and fitness to undergo any procedure, plays its part in this as well.

Denture implants cost also varies based on whether bone grafts are necessary. This is the link to general health and oral health and the variability in cost. This requires additional surgical procedures to harvest bone material from other locations to graft it onto a depleted jaw bone. Obviously, this requires a much more involved process than mini dental implants or even standard implants alone.

And, if a patient lives in an area with an expensive cost of living, obviously that will impact the price, as it costs a dentist more to operate an office, or even a scalpel.

Patients with questions regarding denture implants cost, sedation dentistry, or dentures in general should contact Dr. Yanni to book a consultation. He is happy to answer any questions.