Teeth So Natural, They Feel Like Your Own!

Are you tired of your current dentures moving around in your mouth?

Do you think denture adhesive is bothersome?

Do your dentures slip when you speak?

Does your food get under your denture when you eat?

Are you just plain tired of dealing with sore gums?

If you found yourself answering yes to one or more of these questions, you owe it to yourself to find out a little more about implant supported dentures.

Dentures that slip, slide, and pop out can be a thing of the past with permanent type dentures. Permanent dentures are right on the cutting edge of denture technology. Old style dentures used to rely solely on suction and/or clips to help keep them in place, but that was an imperfect system. Learning to chew with new dentures can be a little intimidating at first, but try it while your teeth are floating around in your mouth and the degree of difficulty shoots right up the scale. Permanent dentures are a terrific alternative.

Implant dentures are suitable no matter how many teeth you need, the mounting method varies only slightly. The basic process involves surgically implanting titanium rods directly into the bone tissue of your gums. The rods will be positioned according to the shape and location of your new denture. When your gums have completely healed, the new dentures can be permanently cemented to the exposed roots.

The result is dentures that look wonderful and feel so natural that no one will suspect you’re wearing them.

For more information about permanent dentures or any of the other treatments our East Brunswick dentist offers, feel free to give us a call.