Cosmetic dentistry is a simple profession on the surface. People get their teeth cleaned, get cavities, get them filled, and so on. But there is a great deal of artistry involved in providing the services that East Brunswick dentists offer, including multiple teeth replacement. Everything that is done, including a dental cleaning, is done especially for the patient in the chair. Erasing a lifetime of wear and dental infection is one of those services that require artistry. This is particularly true of people who are missing multiple teeth as a result of trauma or decay.

Multiple teeth replacement can be achieved in several ways, depending on the needs and situation of each individual. Again, there is no answer that is right for all cases, but instead, each treatment strategy must be customized. There are a number of strategies and combinations that are possible for both small gaps and large gaps. Dental implants have become a popular way to take care of a number of missing teeth. While generally an awesome dentistry tool, dental implants are only one option, or really, part of one option. One of the big negatives of dental implants tends to be the price, the other big negative is that they require an invasive procedure to place, which can make them unsuitable for patients with other health problems. Dental bridges are a less permanent but more affordable option for multiple teeth replacement. However, they only work for gaps of less than 3 teeth and need anchorage on both sides of the gap. Dental implants can be used as anchor points if necessary. For larger gaps, or full multiple teeth replacement, dentures or partial dentures are alternatives, and again, dental implants.

Dental implants are a popular option all the way around because they are a truly revolutionary procedure that has made it possible to live with something that looks and behaves like real teeth again. They are expensive because they require dental surgery to place the “root” portion of the implant. They have many positive points, and that is what makes them so desirable to patients, and to dentists, for multiple teeth replacement.

Missing teeth are not just unsightly. They don’t just make it tougher to chew. These gaps cause problems in the gums and underlying structures of the mouth because the stimulation that a normal tooth produces in the gums and jaw beneath help to keep those tissues active and repairing. Loss of gum tissue and even bone tissue result from these gaps, which can cause loosening and loss of the remaining teeth. Multiple teeth replacement is important to prevent this degradation, and the sooner the teeth are replaced, the better.