Your smile should last a lifetime, but sometimes this just is not the case. With dental implants from your East Brunswick dentist, you can enjoy a full set of teeth. Dental implants are often the initial choice when compared to other dental options to restore missing teeth. Here are a few reasons why.

As Good as Natural Teeth

Dental implants are as strong as they are stable and they look and feel just like your natural teeth. Other tooth replacement options can lead to problems and may interfere with smiling, eating and speaking.smilecute

No Worries

You might feel uncomfortable in public and choose just to stay at home because you are embarrassed about your smile. You worry that missing teeth will take all the fun out of social events. When you have those teeth restored with dental implants, you become the life of the party, with no worries about your smile at all.

Long Lasting

Traditional methods of tooth restoration don’t last nearly as long a dental implants. And while your dental implants may need to be adjusted from time to time, they can last a lifetime if properly placed and cared for.

Natural Face Shape

A face with missing teeth is a face that can sag and otherwise appear shrunken. Dental implants will let you keep your natural face shape and sweet smile.

Teeth in Mouth

hotsmileYour teeth belong in your mouth and not in a glass on the nightstand next to your bed. Dental implants enable you to keep your teeth in your mouth on a permanent basis. In addition, with dental implants, there is no worry of slippage or having dentures fall out. Also, you can brush and floss your dental implants just like you do with your natural teeth. All while they are still in your mouth.

Eat Up!

With dental implants, you get to enjoy all of your favorite foods. You can taste and enjoy all the foods you love without worrying about being uncomfortable.

Protect Bone

An empty space in your mouth after losing a tooth can lead to even more health issues, like the deterioration and loss of your jawbone. You  see, the jawbone deteriorates when it is not supporting a tooth and dental implants are the only option that stimulates and preserves natural bone.

Protect Healthy Teeth

Tooth-supported bridges require a dentist grind away at the teeth on both sides of the missing tooth, thus damaging perfectly healthy teeth. Dental implants are attached and supported by the jawbone, which is where the root of teeth are naturally.