Teeth grinding is an awful experience. Many of us live with this constant ache in our jaw and soreness in our teeth in today’s stressful world. After a night of teeth grinding and clenching, waking up in the morning with this horrible sensation gets really old after a while, and definitely puts a damper on the beginning of a new day.

There are many reasons why teeth grinding (bruxism) occurs, and stress is a major factor. The to prevent this from occurring is possible with the use of a simple mouth guard to protect your mouth while you sleep. If you find that too cumbersome or uncomfortable, other options are available. Reducing your stress level with the form of exercise can be very beneficial. Abstaining from food or drinks that contain caffeine (coffee, chocolate, sodas, etc.) is another preventative method. Also, avoid alcohol as it may increase teeth grinding.

The Dental Group of East Brunswick in New Jersey provides a warm and friendly environment for their patients’ comfort, while offering the latest and most innovative technology available in dentistry. Grinding of the teeth can bring about all kinds of other dental complications, such as misaligned teeth, loosening and wearing down of the teeth to stubs, or fractured teeth, and may need further and more in depth treatment. Orthodontics may be a necessity for a patient with these types of difficulties and is available for patients of any age. Cosmetic dentistry, including restoration and dental implants, is also a viable option for many issues associated with this problem.

The Dental Group of East Brunswick also practices sedation dentistry, which is a must for a great majority of patients, and provides local anesthetics (application or injection of a numbing agent to the tissues of the mouth or gums for a numbing effect), oral sedation (a medication administered orally to sedate or decrease anxiety before the procedure), inhalation conscious sedation (inhalation of a gas through a mask), or IV sedation (intravenous drip of medication directly into the bloodstream for sedation).

I had a rather interesting experience with the nitrous oxide (laughing gas) once at my dentist’s office when I had a wisdom tooth extracted. I never had it before, and was administered the gas through a mask for a short time prior to starting the procedure. I remember laughing so hard about nothing, just out of the blue, and was a little embarrassed. Think I got a little bit too much that time!! It’s okay though, I only lost a wisdom tooth, not my ability to think and process.

All joking aside, the message I am trying to get across is that there is major help out there, and with a few life changes and the advancement of technology, there can be an end to your teeth grinding issues!