Periodontal scaling is an increasingly common procedure that can be instrumental in fighting off gum disease and preventing much more serious problems. At Nahel Yanni Dentistry we’ve walked numerous clients through the process of periodontal scaling and sent them home with happier, healthier teeth and gums. Outside of the dental community, many people have never heard of the scaling procedure and aren’t familiar with how valuable it can be in keeping your smile healthy. But scaling is a routine way of deep cleaning your gums and teeth and is a vital step in maintaining your health. So what exactly is periodontal scaling?

Scaling is a special cleaning method used when gum disease has set in to a patient’s teeth. Gum disease is very common in the United States and many people with otherwise good health will end up facing it at some point. Luckily, the treatment for gum disease is very basic and, if caught early on, the scaling can completely prevent it from causing lasting harm.

Gum disease begins in the “pocket” between your teeth and gums. Tiny bits of debris are able to build up in the line where the teeth meet the gums, and in time this can lead to an abundance of bacteria. Many people will never notice a change as this happens, and only much later when it becomes painful will they notice anything different at all. If you visit Dr. Yanni for regular cleanings, we will see the signs long before it reaches this stage and can help you stop gum disease before it becomes a problem.

When gum disease sets in, it produces a number of substances that can be harmful to the teeth and gums. The best known of these is plaque, but bacteria and staining also begin to set into the teeth below the gum line and affect the whole area. It’s vital to address gum disease early on, because if left unattended it will move deeper into the roots and can eventually effect even the bone below the teeth.

In order to stop the disease and protect the periodontium (the tissue around the teeth), periodontal scaling is used. Essentially it is a cleaning process that carefully loosens the plaque and other problem substances and then removes them. Typically Dr. Yanni first uses an ultrasonic device, which uses harmless sound waves to loosen the plaque, and then gently removes the plaque by hand. This allows us to complete your scaling with a minimum of discomfort and a high degree of precision.

The scaling or “deep cleaning” process is a very routine procedure for a professional dentist. NJ has many dentists who perform scaling, but we’re proud to say that Dr. Yanni is among the most experienced. If you’ve had periodontal scaling recommended to you, call us for an appointment today!