To many people root canal is a scary word. Many people dread hearing their dentist recommend the therapy, and it has come to be associated with a lot of pain. Fortunately Dr. Nahel Yanni is one of the most experienced, precise and gentle dentists in East Brunswick or all of New Jersey. In almost all cases, Dr. Yanni can perform this therapy with minimal pain. In fact, many of our patients find that their procedure ends up giving them relief from pain, ending the toothache they originally went in for and leaving them very happy with the experience.

When do you need root canal therapy? It’s important to understand what the root canals are, how they can get infected and why therapy may be needed.

A root canal is actually part of the tooth. Every tooth has roots that help anchor it into the gums. This makes your teeth stable and strong. However, these roots are not solid. They have hollow areas inside of them filled with blood vessel and soft, pulpy tissue. These passages are the root canals. Root canals perform an important job for your teeth, delivering moisture that helps make the tooth more resilient and containing nerves that help your teeth sense heat or cold. However, the pulpy material inside the canals can become infected, and that can become extremely painful.

Dr. Yanni may recommend therapy for two reasons. If you experience a toothache that comes from an infection in the root canals, therapy is usually the best option. In other cases, during a routine checkup Dr. Yanni may notice signs that a tooth is at risk for becoming infected. Often, an endangered canal can be identified before rot and infection set in. In this case, he may recommend root canal therapy preventatively, so that you fix the problem before you ever have to go through a painful infection.

Root canal therapy is a very straightforward procedure. Using sedation dentistry Dr. Yanni will use a local pain killer so that you do not feel any pain during the procedure, and will typically prescribe painkillers you can take in the following days to avoid post-procedure pain. The doctor carefully drills into your tooth and removes the infected or at-risk tissue. This leaves an empty spot that’s filled with a cement-like material. The tooth will also need to be crowned (covered) with a protective material to prevent future damage. All of this can be done in a single, short visit.

If you experience tooth pain, there’s no reason to fear root canal therapy. Give Dr. Yanni a call today and see what the best dentist in East Brunswick, NJ can do for you!