Braces are one of the most common things we’re asked about at Nahel Yanni Dentistry. Often, braces or orthodontics are the first thing people picture when they think about dental work. Orthodontics have been a vital corrective tool used in the field of dental medicine for many years, and they remain instrumental today. But there are many misconceptions about orthodontics. So what exactly are the used for, and who should use them?

Orthodontic braces are used to help realign teeth that are crooked or out of place. Many people think that this is purely a cosmetic consideration, but proper tooth alignment can go far beyond how your smile looks. Incorrectly aligned or crowded teeth can make it difficult to properly clean your teeth, which in turn contributes to cavities, gum disease and gingivitis. Poor oral hygiene from improper tooth alignment can also be a cause of bad breath, and some tooth alignment issues can even affect how clearly you’re able to speak. In addition to these medical concerns, the cosmetic aspect of tooth alignment should not be written off either: the way you are perceived by others depends largely on first impressions, and your mouth and teeth are among the first things people notice about you.

Fortunately, most tooth alignment conditions are easily repaired using basic orthodontics. Often people think that braces are only for children, but up to one third of orthodontic patients in the US are adults. While an early start is preferable, it is never too late to correct alignment issues with your teeth. There are several different options for treatment depending on your specific condition.

Some of the more dramatic alignment issues revolve around a serious overbite or underbite. In these cases the misalignment of the teeth can actually lead to discomfort and difficulty in eating, as well as broader oral hygiene problems. There are removable orthodontic devices that can help correct these problems, such as headgear for overbites and face masks for underbites. Because these devices can be removed and are not worn 24/7, they are suitable for people of any age – you don’t have to risk embarrassment at work to correct your bite.

For people who have crowded or crooked teeth, braces are a good idea. Dr. Yanni offers these both in the traditional style that most people are used to and, for certain conditions, in the Invisalign brand of transparent orthodontics. Invisalign devices are not only see-through, they are also removable so they do not interfere with meals or a professional appearance.

If you’re looking for an orthodontic dentist, NJ has none better than Dr. Yanni. Too many people in New Jersey and across the United States put up with crooked or crowded teeth and feel bad about the way their smile looks, when this problem is easily corrected. Give Dr. Yanni a call today and see what braces can do for you.