Cost of Dental Implants: Are They Worth It?

The cost of dental implants makes them still very rare. They can be pretty expensive in some cases, but they are also the best available tooth replacement technology on the market. For a lot of people, the balance between these two points can be incredibly difficult, and it’s not always worth it for everybody to attempt this sort of procedure. However, in some cases it’s not only affordable, but the best option available to a given patient.

Understanding Dental Implants

There are more than just one type of implant, and the cost of dental implants is very much contingent on what is actually being done. Some are more expensive than others, and sometimes there is a work around that allows a patient to be able to get one style rather than another.

For example, it’s possible that permanent dentures might be the right solution for you. Rather than regular dentures that can slide around in the mouth, these are attached with titanium rods that have been anchored in the bone beneath the gum. They can replace any number of teeth, and will look and feel natural.

Similarly, in some cases a full arch replacement is necessary, with an entirely different procedure that will keep a row of replacement teeth in place. Or just a single tooth placed in an artificial socket is necessary.

There are even more ways to go about implanting new teeth, but ultimately what keeps the cost where it is is that a number of these techniques are highly variable from patient to patient. In other words, there aren’t necessarily standard ways of performing the treatment, and every person is a little different. What you’re normally paying for is the skill of the dentist who can handle the individual quirks of your mouth. Experienced dentists like Dr. Nahel Yanni of the Dental Group of East Brunswick have years of experience in working with all sorts of cases, and understand how to adapt the techniques to these differences.

Covering the Costs

There is no one way to deal with the costs of implants, but more methods are becoming available. In some cases, dentists will offer payment plans and discounts to make it easier to afford the treatment. More insurance companies are starting to cover dental implants as well, making them more widely available.

There are new options all the time for dealing with the price. For many people, that’s a great thing; it means that they can get the best available solution to tooth loss without having to worry about the cost of dental implants.