Fix your missing or broken teeth with dental implants. New Jersey dentist, Dr. Nahel Yanni and his team of dental professionals can help you get the smile you have always wanted. Dental implants give you the look and feel of real teeth. Dr. Yanni and his team are sure to bring you professional, personalized care throughout your dental implant procedure.

Your oral health plays a big part in your overall health. People who have broken and missing teeth are at a higher risk of health issues than those with healthy teeth and gums. Why? Gaps between your teeth cause an improper bite and issues with the jaw. Existing teeth can tilt, turn and drift into the open gap giving your teeth a snarled and unattractive look. Teeth not in their correct placement can lead to issues with biting and chewing foods. Gaps put increase of pressure on the jaw joints (TMJs).

It is difficult to bite and chew foods when you do not have a proper tooth alignment. Gum disease and tooth decay can easily form in gaps where food has been lodged. Patients who wait an extended amount of time to have dental implants can suffer jaw bone disintegration. When the jaw bone disintegrates, it becomes more difficult (and costly) to restore the missing teeth. At the East Brunswick Family and Cosmetic Dental Center, your smile is the main priority. They make the procedure affordable for patients wanting to replace missing teeth with dental implants. New Jersey patients can get treatment and be confident in their smile without breaking the bank.

It takes just a few hours to place dental implants. New Jersey dentist Dr. Yanni is experienced in performing the dental implant surgery. Practicing sedation dentistry, he makes the procedure as painless and comfortable as possible for those patients who are nervous. Those who do not request sedation are placed under a local anesthetic. The anesthetic will numb the area and Dr. Yanni can being working. The procedure will not begin until you are completely comfortable. Once you are numb and ready, a small incision is cut into the gum tissue revealing the bone. Sockets are drilled into the bone for the dental implants. New Jersey patients are often surprised at how painless the implant procedure is.

A special tool is used to create a socket in the bone. Titanium dental implants are inserted into the socket. Once the dental implant is placed into the bone, sutures are used to close the gum tissue and you are given about three months to heal. Once the healing process has ended, a support post and a crown (tooth) are placed on the dental implants. New Jersey patients with one or more teeth missing should consider dental implants. New Jersey patients will achieve a healthy attractive smile with treatment from Dr. Yanni.