If you are missing a tooth, a tooth implant may be something that you are considering to allow for the best possible dental health and appearance. Missing teeth can be both unsightly and cause further dental health problems. While caps and bridges can replace broken or missing teeth, these are not fixed solutions and can come with their own host of problems including wear on surrounding teeth, uncomfortable fit, and gum irritation. While bridges and caps are often less expensive solutions, you must consider whether they are the best option or whether a more permanent tooth implant might be a better option for you.

A tooth implant can replace one tooth or multiple teeth, dependent upon the nature of your tooth problem. Full arch replacements are even possible, eliminating the need for ill-fitting, uncomfortable, or ineffective dentures. While implants can be more costly and, initially, are a slightly more intensive procedure, they offer several benefits over bridges, partials, or dentures. Implants are permanent and will behave and feel like your real teeth, reducing discomfort in your mouth, particularly while eating. Implants can also reduce the health risk to surrounding teeth, eliminating bridge and partial structures that may adhere to and wear down or cause hygiene issues with surrounding teeth.

The process of installing a tooth implant is initially more intensive than denture or bridge fittings. However, unlike these fittings, your implant only needs to be done once and will serve you for your entire life. First, the patient’s mouth is surveyed to see how many teeth need to be implanted. Posts are surgically installed into the gums, filling the space that tooth roots would have been and helping prevent bone loss and preserving facial structure and shape. In some cases, a temporary tooth may be placed on the installed post while permanent implants are made to allow you to eat and speak normally in the duration. Once they are prepared, permanent implanted teeth are installed onto the posts, mimicking the look and feel of natural teeth. For multiple implants, it may take two or three visits to complete the entire procedure.

If you are in the New Jersey area, Doctor Nahel Yanni specializes in implants and in comforting patients who may hate the idea of even going to the dentist, never mind a complex dental surgery! Dr. Yanni’s office will take the time to answer all your questions about the procedure and recovery and will, if necessary, discuss sedation dentistry options for any of your visits if anxiety is a factor to you not seeking dental health help. If you are nervous about visiting a dentist, don’t let your nerves stall you. A tooth implant with Dr. Yanni may sound like a wonderful option to you.