Sedation Dentistry, New Jersey’s Best Option

A trend that has been taking off lately is the idea of sedation dentistry. New Jersey has untold numbers of people who are missing out on high quality oral care because they are afraid of going to the dentist. For many people, this fear is so acute that the very idea of getting an examination scares them away from taking care of their teeth properly. That’s one of the reasons this approach to dentistry came about.

How Does Sedation Dentistry Work?

Sedation dentistry is not a single thing, but rather a category of techniques designed to make the patient more comfortable by using various kinds of anesthetic to either numb the pain or keep them from being able to focus on being at the dentist. There are several ways to achieve this; each may be used depending on the patient and the procedure.

In the most common case, a local anesthetic is used to numb a particular area. This method prevents nerves from transmitting information to the brain, so that pain isn’t actually felt. It eventually wears off, but by that point the painful part is likely over.

Another method involves giving the patient a pill to take in advance of the treatment so as to relax them. This will generally keep the patient awake, but cause them to release their anxiety and not pay as much attention to what is going on. In particularly extreme cases of anxiety, the doctor may prescribe a pill to be taken an hour before bedtime the night before as well. This same effect can be achieved with a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen, commonly known as “laughing gas.”

In certain cases, IV sedation is necessary in order to get the patient to relax sufficiently. There’s nothing particularly extreme about IV sedation dentistry; New Jersey residents get it all the time. It delivers the medication directly into the bloodstream, and can be more powerful than other methods.

Sedation Dentistry: New Jersey Residents Love It

People who live in New Jersey absolutely love sedation dentistry, especially the patients of Dr. Nahel Yanni, who is an expert in these procedures. It allows them to be as healthy as possible, while not having to fear the pain often associated with the idea of going to the dentist.

If fear has been keeping you away from the best oral health you could possibly have, then this is your chance to take a look into sedation dentistry. New Jersey has the best dentists ready to help you.