Looking for a good sedation dentist? NJ residents do not need to fear dentistry, as Dr. Nahel Yanni in East Brunswick, NJ offers a full service cosmetic and sedation dentistry practice.

This specialized type of dentist is trained to provide pain and anxiety free treatment. The treatment modifications, philosophies, and other specialized knowledge is necessary to ease the anxiety of the patient, and this training is specific to the sedation dentist. NJ, why is this important? Because between 9% and 20% of Americans avoid the dentist due to anxiety or fear.

Dental anxiety is enough reason to seek out a sedation dentist, NJ, but there are even more compelling behaviors that require the techniques and sensitivity of this specialty. Dental phobia is an even more severe condition. These individuals will only go to the dentist when driven to do so by extreme pain. Signs of dental anxiety or phobia include trouble sleeping the night before an appointment, nervousness that increases while en route and in the dental office waiting room, crying or feeling ill at the thought of visiting the dentist, and suddenly feeling like it is hard to breathe at the thought of, or when objects are placed in the mouth during treatment.

There are a variety of different treatment modifications that can be offered by a sedation dentist. NJ patients have an excellent resource in Dr. Yanni. Patients, after revealing that they have an anxiety in this area, actually have a number of options that can be custom tailored to them, to their needs and specific anxiety levels. It is also useful for patients who require complicated treatments, or want all of their dental treatment done in one visit. This can be a great option for those who have been putting off that bridge, root canal, or dental implant because they are avoiding an unpleasant procedure.

Pain free dentistry is the first level of sedation dentistry. Local Anesthetics are key to this treatment philosophy. These medications are injected near the nerves that would normally receive the pain message from the tissues at the site of the dental procedure.

The next tool of the sedation dentist, NJ, is sedative drugs. These are pills that are taken before the planned treatment. They can be taken, depending on the medication, a short amount of time before the dental visit, or the night before, depending on the level of anxiety the patient experiences.

Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and oxygen can be administered during the procedures as well. This combination has been used for centuries, and offers both anxiety-busting benefits, as well as mild pain relief.

Intravenous sedation is the most high powered line of defense against pain and anxiety in Dr. Yanni’s arsenal. This allows medications to be administered immediately through the bloodstream in the instant they are needed, to combat pain and anxiety. This a powerful tool for a sedation dentist, NJ, and Dr. Yanni uses it to great effect for moderate to severe levels of anxiety or phobia.