Looking for a good dentist, NJ? Sedation dentist, implant dentist, general dentist, Dr. Yanni is your one stop shop for dentistry in East Brunswick, NJ. Sedation dentistry is just a fraction of what Dr. Yanni offers. Sedation dentistry is a method of providing a lower anxiety and pain free dentistry experience. It can be applied to many different procedures, even basic dental hygiene maintenance if necessary. Different levels of sedation are also possible, and the right pain free experience is customized for the needs of each individual patient.

So why not just tough it out, NJ? A sedation dentist will of course tell you thatsedation dentistry takes care of all that. But understanding just how sedation dentistry can help makes a difference. Most people who have anxiety or stress out at thought of visiting a dentist just…won’t. That is bad because dental health is important not just for the sake of those teeth, but because the health of the rest of the body is linked to the health of the mouth. This is particularly true of the cardiovascular system. This is because infections that go on in the mouth over the long term are sources of long term inflammation. They also can send little packets of bacteria through the body periodically. Often, the bacteria can get lodged in the valves of the heart, making little lumpy areas that are known as vegetations. These cauliflower like areas make the valves less efficient and over time, hard and leaky. Other parts of the body are impacted by oral health as well, but this is the clearest example of systemic impact. Taking care of oral health is thus a concern of whole body health, and dental anxiety should not be allowed to get in the way of that.

Sedation dentistry is not just a take a pill solution. There are a variety of ways that a dentist can make a visit a less stressful time. There are a number of benefits, both to patient and dentist, to this set of treatment options. They include patient relaxation and increased comfort. Increased control of movements and patient cooperation are beneficial to the dentist, and also speed treatment along for the patient. Some of the treatments can help control gag reflex better, which can be a real source of discomfort for patients who are extra sensitive there. Some of the medications keep patients relaxed and aware, but result in little memory of the treatment time itself. Multiple dental procedures and treaments can take place all at once, and again, are sped along because of increased cooperation. This results in fewer appointments necessary and shorter treatment times, both of which benefit everyone.

Dr. Yanni is happy to answer questions regarding general and NJ sedation dentistry. His practice is based in East Brunswick, NJ. Sedation dentist and pain free dentistry are available.