Great Dentist, Brunswick New Jersey

Looking for a local dentist, Brunswick, New Jersey? East Brunswick based Dr. Nahil Yanni offers a dental practice in East Brunswick, which makes him convenient to Edison, Brunswick, and surrounding areas of New Jersey. Dr. Yanni offers general dentistry, sedation dentistry, implant dentistry, and cosmetic dentistry, even orthodontic services. Dr. Yanni’s range of expertise allows him to design a course of treatment or prevention for each patient individually, using a broad range of options that these different dental specialties.

General dentistry involves basic hygiene and preventative care for the teeth and gums. New technologies and digital x-rays have made the basic cleaning a different animal than it once was. Teeth are cleaned better and more thoroughly than ever before, and those digital x-rays are easily accessed for each visit, so that regular maintenance of the dental structure is easier and more efficient. The more invasive portions of general dentistry, those that involve the extraction or removal of portions of a tooth, whether for a filling, crown, or something more involved, has also evolved alongside technology. Better ceramics, metal choices, and the fact that titanium was found to bond directly to bone has made a great number of different tools available to a general dentist, and made the end result for the dental patient better and better.

Sedation dentistry was developed to both provide a pain free dentistry experience, and to help individuals who experienced anxiety or even phobia regarding a dental visit actually get their dental care. This ultimately allows these patients to both preserve their smile and their general health. This discipline can be used for the mildest to the most severe cases of anxiety, and is customized for each patient’s experience at the dentist, Brunswick.

Cosmetic Dentistry is a discipline whereby the tools of dentistry are applied to correct the appearance of the teeth. Crowns are the most rudimentary of the tools of cosmetic dentistry, but there are many different ways that both sculptural and chemical methods are used to affect the way in which a patient’s teeth look. Caps, crowns, bridges, dentures, veneers, whitening, and more are all part and parcel of the repertoire of a cosmetic dentist, Brunswick.

Implant dentistry is no longer a new field. Tried and true methods of both implanting the hardware and forming the crown on top are in effect all over the world. This is an exciting tool set for dentists to utilize, as the resulting implanted tooth looks and behave just like a natural tooth would, with its stability, durability, function, and appearance all intact. Its overwhelming negative is its cost, because it would be used much more widely and frequently if it were not much more expensive than say, traditional dentures or bridges.

Orthodontics concerns itself with the correction of misaligned teeth. Orthodontics is not limited to what most people think of as traditional braces, however. This field, through computer programs and space-age materials, has made it an exciting time to be a dentist, Brunswick.