Looking for a good sedation dentistry professional or cosmetic dentist in NJ? Dr. Yanni offers a wide range of dental services and is located in New Brunswick, NJ, which makes it convenient for East Brunswick, Edison, Piscataway Township, Sayreville, and other closeby regions to take advantage of excellent dentistry services at this practice. Sedation dentistry is really an added service to other forms of dentistry, and involves removing or reducing the stress, pain and anxiety that is so common for people to experience when they must undergo dental procedures. It can be used on anything from a simple dental cleaning to full dental implants, as needed by the patient. Cosmetic dentistry, on the other hand, is a broad dental specialty that emphasizes maintaining a beautiful looking smile, although it often involves improving the health and function of damaged teeth as well. Finding a cosmetic dentist in NJ that can offer a range of services can really help a patient explore all of their options for a more beautiful smile. The basis for cosmetic dentistry has a long history, dating back to ancient times, when extraordinary measures could be made to insure that an unsightly smile was improved. Dentures date back to ancient history, and were known, if not common, through history since. Modern dentures are based on carefully sculpted dental appliances that are made from a variety of materials to both mimic natural teeth and gums, and to behave like them as much as possible. The most recent development in dentures includes the ability to anchor them firmly into place semi-permanently, using dental implants.

Many other types of cosmetic dentistry procedures are available to choose from, with a range of benefits and costs to each of them. Dental bridges are one such procedure. They involve anchoring a small ‘bridge’ that includes a pontic, or dummy tooth, into place using either implants or neighboring natural teeth, when possible. Dental implants themselves are an extremely effective, if expensive method of replacing missing teeth. Crowns are a traditional method of improving tooth appearance, and can be made with a wide variety of methods and materials, some of which are used specifically to look more natural. Dental Bleaching is another possible option for improving the appearance of teeth. Veneers, or thin coverings that sheath the teeth, are yet another. All of these options, and more are available for patients to choose from. Each person’s mouth is uniquely constructed, with details that make each patient a different problem solving exercise. Having a great dentist who will help build a strategy for both a patient’s unique anatomy and their preferences for the appearance of their teeth is an important combination.

Pursuing these and other cosmetic dentistry procedures are an easy task with Dr. Yanni. As he is accepting new patients, finding a great cosmetic dentist in NJ could not be easier.