The best dentists are compassionate visionaries who keep their fingers on the pulse of dental technology and innovation, and yet provide caring and perceptive dental care over the long term. It is a delicate balance of providing the care necessary to maintain healthy and functional teeth while providing the necessary tools for a patient to achieve an attractive smile. This is made far more complicated by the amount of variability in each patient. Some patients need nothing but good preventative maintenance over their lifetimes. Some patients need sedation dentistry to get them in the door. Some patients have perfectly healthy smiles, but stain their teeth with their everyday living, or have naturally misaligned teeth that need some coaxing to line up beautifully. Some patients have both dental health and cosmetic issues and need all the help they can get. The best dentist in NJ keeps all of these things in mind.

Some patients have a good grasp of a dental cleaning and x-ray, and may have experienced getting filling or a crown. Often, they have questions about cosmetic dentistry, it being somewhat less cut and dried compared to general dentistry in the public’s eye.

Teeth Whitening or Bleaching

Lots of people are aware of teeth whitening or bleaching. There are such mundane things as toothpaste available which tout their ability to whiten the teeth, there are even teeth whitening kits available at the pharmacy, but the dentist offers a professional teeth whitening program, in Dr. Yanni’s case, Zoom Teeth whitening. He even offers it well below the national average in cost…$299 as compared to $650 nationally.


Fillings are one of the most important and common procedures done by the best dentist in NJ, as well as around the nation. An estimated 92% of all Americans between the ages of 18 and 64 will have a cavity at one time or another, and fillings are the most common treatment for a cavity. With the advent of space age ceramics, dentists have a broader range of filling options over the old metal filling materials, options that are both durable and blend with the natural color of the tooth.

Dr. Yanni, the best dentist in NJ, offers all of these general and cosmetic services and more, including the orthodontics and sedation dentistry. He does this with care and the awareness of their capabilities in turn.