New Jersey residents looking for a good cosmetic, family, and sedation dentist? Dr. Nahil Yanni is the premier East Brunswick dentist, serving the Brunswick, Edison, and Sayreville areas. He offers general cleaning and exams, fluoride treatments, sealants, fillings, periodontal treatment, root canal therapy, crowns, bridges, ZOOM! One hour tooth whitening, dental implants and restoration bonding, dentures, orthodontics, and treatment for TMJ disorders.

Having a convenient East Brunswick dentist is very important, because it encourages patients to actually keep their dental and orthodontic appointments. Regular care and maintenance, including regular dentist appointments (usually every 6 months for a cleaning and examination) is an important part of maintaining good dental health. Dr. Yanni is a conveniently located East Brunswick dentist, easily reached by denizens of this area of New Jersey.

Having a dentist that provides a variety of services means that a fuller and more efficient dental health and cosmetic dentistry plan can easily be part of a patient’s dentistry experience. Cosmetic dentistry deals with Aesthetics in addition to function, allowing more natural and attractive looking smiles in addition to good solid dental health and function. Many types of common patient problems can be treated with a broad range of strategies. Options include the simple and inexpensive to complex full-mouth restoration.

Simple and inexpensive types of cosmetic dentistry involve superficial treatments, such as teeth whitening or adding veneers. Whitening can reverse discolorations from smoking, food and drink, and age. Veneers are designed to correct small problems with form or surface of teeth, such as damaged or chipped teeth. They can also make the teeth appear straighter if they are mildly misaligned.

Caps and crowns are very common cosmetic techniques, but are also integral dental health hardware used to fill cavities. The types of caps and crowns that are selected can take a simple repair to a seamless and invisible one, based on the location and the type of material that the dentist uses to make the cap or crown. These materials vary in durability, appearance, and cost. This East Brunswick dentist has done thousands of these procedures.

Say root canal, and strike terror into the heart of many dental patients. Sedation dentistry can not only help with pain control and anxiety during the root canal procedure itself, but can be used to help an anxious or reluctant patient maintain good dental health by making regular dental visits, and prevent root canals in that fashion. Root canals are a form of cosmetic dentistry as they allow a patient to keep their natural tooth. This, except in certain extreme cases, is the ultimate goal of a good East Brunswick dentist.

More expensive and extensive techniques include dentures, bridges, and dental implants. Questions on these and other dental and cosmetic procedures are easily answered by making an appointment with East Brunswick dentist Dr. Nahil Yanni.