There are many types of dentures available to fit the problems, desires, and lifestyles of virtually every patient. The Dental Group of East Brunswick offers a few different denture options. One of the most popular choices made by patients is to get permanent dentures.

Permanent dentures offer denture patients more security and confidence than other types of dentures. They are not removable like other dentures. This makes them an attractive option for patients who do not want to deal with denture pastes or glues. Dentures plates are permanently attached to the gums using a series of implants. Each implant is designed to mount and support the false teeth. This prevents the slipping and detaching denture patients often experience with other types of dentures. There is nothing more embarrassing than to have your dentures slip and detach while speaking to a friend or neighbor. Eating is difficult when your dentures are raised and food gets caught beneath them. With permanent dentures, you can feel confident in your smile. Denture plates won’t slip or fall out when you talk. You won’t experience painful gum sores or discomfort when you eat.

The permanent denture procedure is gentle. Dr. Yanni and his team bring you quality care in a friendly, professional atmosphere. We are dedicated to providing you with the personalized care you deserve. Our dental office offers numerous dental procedures including permanent dentures and sedation dentistry. If you struggle with other types of dentures, you may consider the permanent denture procedure. Dr. Yanni is happy to meet with and consult you on the procedure. Implant dentures are suitable for patients of all types. No matter how many teeth you need, permanent dentures may be designed to fit your needs. Dr. Yanni performs the procedure by implanting titanium rods directly into the bone tissue of your gums. The rods are positioned according to the unique shape of your mouth. A denture is created to fit the shape of your mouth and permanently cemented to the titanium roots. The procedure takes just a few hours and can be performed right in our East Brunswick Family and Cosmetic Dental Office.

The removable nature of other types of dentures make them uncomfortable for many dental patients. Those requiring dentures, especially elderly patients, often struggle to clean and maintain their removable dentures. Permanent dentures eliminate the stress and frustration of dentures. No more denture baths, sticky denture pastes and glues or the embarrassment of having your dentures slip while talking or eating. Permanent dentures function like real teeth. You can brush them, eat and talk without needing to deal with the frustrations often caused by other types of dentures. Visit our dental office and speak to Dr. Yanni about the permanent denture procedure.