Looking to get dentures, New Jersey? Monroe and East Brunswick residents will be particularly interested in Nahel Yanni Family and Cosmetic Dentistry Office in East Brunswick. Dentures, New Jersey, are just one of the many state of the art general, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry services that are offered there.

Dentures are the classic and one of the most affordable dentistry options available for individuals who are missing a number of teeth. The technology used to manufacture dentures has come a long way, and Dr. Yanni is using the most up to date techniques to fit the most comfortable and durable dentures out there.

There are two big categories of dentures, partial and complete. Complete dentures are necessary if the entire arch of the mouth has no teeth remaining. If there are still teeth in place, partial dentures are the more likely appropriate type. Partial dentures have the added benefit of keeping the remaining teeth from moving around. For small gaps, dentures are not usually used, but instead a bridge is cemented in place. All of these procedures are known as restorations. Restorations return function to teeth, most especially the ability to chew, although dentures and bridges certainly also improve the cosmetic appeal of a patient’s smile. Partial and complete dentures, New Jersey, have the added benefits of improving speech, the contours of the mouth and face, and digestion. The later factor is not often considered by the general public, but being able to chew solid food properly aids in both swallowing and digestion.

Conventional and immediate dentures are both types of complete dentures. Conventional dentures are made after the teeth have been removed and after four to six weeks of healing have been allowed. Unfortunately, with this type of denture, the patient must go that time without teeth. However, once this type of dentures are fitted, few to no adjustments need to be made to the dentures. New Jersey patients often prefer immediate dentures. This type of denture is immediately fitted to the healing gums after extraction of the teeth. They allow patients to have their teeth immediately, without the waiting period. However, once the healing process is complete, adjustments have to be made to the dentures to allow them to fit the healed area properly.

Much dentistry requires custom work, as each patient’s mouth differs in shape, function, and chemistry. Custom dentistry often requires multiple visits to the dentist as he fits dental appliances to each patient’s mouth. Dentures are no exception. Several appointments are required to insure that dentures fit a patient properly. The first appointment usually involves molds, known as “impressions”. and measurements are taken at this time. One or more visits are then necessary for a patient to try on their dentures, to make sure they fit properly, and look right. Finally, the dentures are precisely adjusted and completed.

Dentures, New Jersey, are durable, but over time and wear, will eventually need to be repaired or replaced.