Dentures cost really depend on a variety of factors. Dentures are the classic standard method of tooth replacement and restoration for people who have lost more than 3 teeth in a row, when a bridge is just too short to fill the gap. Dentures cost less than many other types of procedures. They are still one of the most affordable options out there.

Dentures technology has come a long way, and this has also made it easier and cheaper to manufacture them. Dr. Yanni of Family and Cosmetic Dentistry in East Brunswick is well versed in the most advanced denture fitting and manufacturing techniques, and can offer general dentistry, sedation dentistry, restorative dentistry, and cosmetic dentistry options of many varieties. He is also well versed in calculating dentures cost.

Two sweeping categories of dentures are out there for dentists to choose from. Partial dentures are used in tandem with natural teeth. Complete dentures are used when there are no teeth remaining. Various other dental appliances and techniques can be used together with dentures to make them even more comfortable, effective, and easy to use.

Complete dentures are divided into two major categories, conventional and immediate. Conventional dentures are made for a patient after the teeth have been removed and four to six weeks of healing has occurred. The healing time is difficult because the patient has to basically go without teeth for that entire time. However, little to no adjustments have to be made to the dentures after fitting. They are correct for the healed state of that particular mouth. Immediate dentures, as one might guess, are immediately fitted to a patient’s mouth after the teeth are extracted. There is no space of time where the patient must go without teeth. Once healing occurs these dentures must again be adjusted to fit the healed gums.

Partial dentures have benefits for the natural teeth that remain. They keep the remaining teeth from moving around, and can help keep teeth in place for good opposition with other teeth, for chewing.

For small gaps in the teeth, usually less than 3 spaces, a bridge is used. This is another type of restoration procedure.

All three of these types of restorations have cosmetic benefits and other functional benefits. They improve speech, and the contours of the mouth and face. They obviously improve the look of a patient’s smile. While not often thought of in this way, these restorations aid in digestion, due to improving the mastication of solid foods. They can aid in nutrition by making more palatable and diverse food options available. And they aid in simple swallowing, by making the food particles smaller. So while dentures cost may be a concern, the benefits weigh heavily in their favor on the quality of life scale. Pinpointing dentures cost exactly requires consultation with a dentist, as patients vary widely.