What is the Cost of Dentures?

The cost of dentures is more affordable than you might have imagined, and you can rest assured knowing that Dr. Nahel Yanni offers many no-stress financial options for patients. Dr. Nahel Yanni will assess a variety of factors when determining the cost of dentures. Some of these variables include determining whether additional procedures such as oral surgery will be required, the materials selected to construct the dentures, and the type and complexity of the dentures.

Dr. Nahel Yanni will help you determine the type of dentures that best suit your needs. Once a treatment is agreed upon, there is no need to be afraid of getting your new dentures, as the Dental Group of East Brunswick offers sedation dentistry to calm your fears, so you will undergo your treatment in a peaceful and relaxed state of mind.

The Cost of Dentures Compared with Dental Implants

The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends that dentures be replaced every 5 to 7 years. Therefore, for some patients, dental implants are a longer-lasting and more ideal solution to their teeth replacement needs. As dentures age and the shape of a patient’s mouth and bone structure changes over time, the dentures can begin to slip and become more uncomfortable due to natural bone loss. With implants, also known as permanent dentures, the artificial tooth looks and feels like a natural tooth – in fact, under the gum line, the bone will actually grow and provide for a stronger and more vital artificial tooth structure.

It is true that implants are initially more expensive than old-fashioned dentures, but the choice of permanent dentures provides for a longer-lasting, more comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing solution. Over the long term, most people generally consider implanted teeth to be the fiscally responsible choice, especially when assessing the cost of dentures over time, and quality of life questions.

Financial Options for Dentures

For most patients, insurance is the usual method of defraying the cost of dentures. Dr. Yanni accepts insurance from many different companies. The specific coverage policies of each insurance company will vary widely; therefore, you will need to inquire further with your insurance company to determine what benefits you qualify for and the estimated out-of-pocket cost associated with the procedure.

If you do not have insurance coverage, or the out-of-pocket expense is higher than you are able to afford at this time, then you might qualify for third-party financing from unaffiliated companies such as Care Credit that specialize in providing financial assistance. The Dental Group of East Brunswick also has a client referral program that offers a $50 account credit that is good towards any future treatment, and therefore can be used to help defray out-of-pocket expenses associated with the cost of dentures.