The Cost of Dentures is More Affordable Than You Think

You may be thinking that the cost of dentures is expensive. However, they may be more affordable than you think. Dental insurance is usually an add-on to health insurance policies. Some people do not carry dental insurance and have to pay for their cleanings and procedures out of pocket. The Dental Group of East Brunswick offers you affordable fixed dentures and other procedures, including general cleanings for you and the family as well as Invisalign and other options. Plus, you will get the care and experience from a team that is passionate about maintaining your beautiful smile.

What is the Cost of Dentures?

Although there is a financial side to this question, the real answer lies in your self-esteem and your desire to have a beautiful smile. A smile leaves a lasting impression. With a smile you can brighten someone’s day in an instant. With a smile you can shine in pictures and in everything you do. A smile gives your face youth. So what is the real cost of dentures to you?

Although dentures do not cost as much as you may think, maybe about $1500, we offer financing options to help ease the financial burden this amount may cause to some patients. Also, if you have dental insurance, there is a good possibility that they could cover most of the cost of dental implants and dentures. We even offer a referral program to allow you to get a discount off your next procedure when you refer friends and family to our practice.

Dental Group of East Brunswick

Dr. Yanni and his staff are highly experienced and one of the most trusted dental offices in the New Jersey area. Whether you need a family dentist, sedation dentistry or another type of oral specialty, Dr. Yanni is your man. He takes a conservative and personal approach to dentistry, answering your questions and addressing your concerns as well as providing you with the knowledge and options to make an informed decision.

If you are ready to have a beautiful smile, then dental implants may be a great option for you. We look forward to restoring your smile to its full potential. We are happy to give you a thorough exam and discuss your concerns and options for a better smile. Our doctors and staff are experienced and keep up to date with the latest procedures. We work to give you back your smile without excessive costs or invasive procedures. To discover whether implant dentistry is right for you, we welcome you to contact the Dental Group of East Brunswick today and discuss with us the cost of dentures.