If you are having issues with a tooth, you might wonder if you need to see your East Brunswick dentist to see if you need to have a root canal. Root canals are often needed when the nerve or pulp of your tooth becomes infected and inflamed due to decay or a broken or cracked tooth.

Pain is one of the more common symptoms you will suffer when you need to have a root canal performed. The pain you feel can range from mild to quite severe and may intensify or lessen throughout the day. It might get worse when you bite down on the infected tooth or when you eat hot foods or drink hot liquids. You may also suffer sensitive gums that become swollen.

If you are suffering these symptoms, the first thing you need to do is contact your East Brunswick dentist. Talk to your dentist about your symptoms and an appointment will be arranged.

When you arrive at our office, the dentist will take a good look the tooth and x-rays will be taken. After a proper examination, the dentist will tell you what the best treatment will be to resolve the issues. Depending on what is wrong with your tooth, your dentist might perform a root canal or perhaps a less invasive treatment is needed.

After a root canal, you may experience some pain and sensitivity, but it will go away in due time. Make sure you follow the oral care explained to you by your dentist and all will be good again in no time.