We get asked quite often if fluoride treatment is still needed as an adult. The answer is very simple, as long as you have teeth, then yes, you need fluoride. And there are some very good reasons why fluoride treatment at your East Brunswick dentist is important.

Research has shown that topical fluorides, from mouthwash to toothpaste to fluoride treatments, are just as important in strengthening teeth and fighting tooth decay in adults as when they were kids. Fluoride keeps your tooth enamel strong by preventing the loss of minerals.

There are certain situations that put adults at higher risk of tooth decay and fluoride treatment would be a great benefit.teeth

Dry Mouth

Dry mouth is due to reduced salivary flow caused by aging factors, certain diseases and is the side effect of some medications. For example, allergy medications, antihistamines and high blood pressure medications can cause dry mouth. A lack of saliva can make you prone to tooth decay by not allowing food particles to be properly washed away or neutralizing harmful acids.


We are living longer and healthier lives, which is a good thing. However, because we are living longer we experience more problems with receding gums and the prevalence of tooth decay. Fluoride treatment helps protect the root surface in these situations.

The use of fluoride on a regular basis helps protect you from tooth decay and other issues. This allows you to keep your permanent teeth in a healthier state and in your mouth for a long time.