1. Adult Braces

    Adult Braces - A Beautiful Smile in Record Time! Adult Braces are an excellent way to correct a bite or misaligned teeth that one has been living with their entire life. This can help with both dental…Read More

  2. Dental Implant

    Questions about the Dental Implant The Dental implant has changed the way that dentistry is done, at least up to a certain point. One might ask, which point is that? It all boils down to cost. Dental …Read More

  3. Teeth Whitening New Jersey

    When looking for teeth whitening, New Jersey has many options available. There are a lot of different reasons that can motivate an individual to seek out treatment such as a wedding, your high school …Read More

  4. What about Braces?

    Braces are one of the most common things we’re asked about at Nahel Yanni Dentistry. Often, braces or orthodontics are the first thing people picture when they think about dental work. Orthodontics …Read More

  5. Periodontal Scaling

    Periodontal scaling is an increasingly common procedure that can be instrumental in fighting off gum disease and preventing much more serious problems. At Nahel Yanni Dentistry we’ve walked numerous…Read More

  6. Fillings

    Fillings are an essential part of the dentist’s toolkit and can help dramatically change the appearance of your smile. They can also help restore function. Dr. Nehel Yanni is an East Brunswick, New …Read More

  7. Prevent Tooth Decay with Flouride Treatments

    Fluoride treatments can be an excellent way to help prevent tooth decay and supplement the effectiveness of basic hygiene like brushing and flossing. Doctor Nahel Yanni is one of the most respected de…Read More

  8. Don’t be Scared of a Root Canal

    To many people root canal is a scary word. Many people dread hearing their dentist recommend the therapy, and it has come to be associated with a lot of pain. Fortunately Dr. Nahel Yanni is one of the…Read More