1. TMJ Treatments

    TMJ treatments really depend on the source of the TMJ problem. The TMJ, which stands for Temporomandibular Joint, is the joint in the angle of the jaw. This joint is a hinged joint located where the t…Read More

  2. What Are Your TMJ Treatment Options?

    TMJ Treatment options depend solely on the actual cause of the TMJ disorder. TMJ, short for Temporomandibular Joint, is the joint where the skull and the lower jaw meet. This is not an uncommon place …Read More

  3. TMJ Jaw Pain

    TMJ jaw pain is an incredibly bad wake up call. TMJ or Temporomandibular joint is the joint where the upper and lower jaw bones meet in a hinge like joint, just in front of the ear. It functions as a …Read More

  4. What to do about Jaw Pain

    Jaw pain is not an uncommon ailment. Causes include heart attack, trauma, tooth decay, and more. A dentist can help with a few of these causes. One of the most common non-heart causes originates in th…Read More

  5. Grinding teeth can be harmful to dental health

    Grinding teeth is a common dental problem that can cause multiple problems in the mouth and jaw. Known as bruxism, this issue occurs in many patients throughout their life, typically in times of stres…Read More

  6. Problems with Teeth Clenching?

    Do you sometimes wake up in the morning and find that your jaw feels tight after a night of teeth clenching. This is not an uncommon problem, although this shortcoming may be the cause of frequent hea…Read More

  7. Don’t Suffer from Teeth Grinding

    Teeth grinding is an awful experience. Many of us live with this constant ache in our jaw and soreness in our teeth in today’s stressful world. After a night of teeth grinding and clenching, waking …Read More

  8. Do You Know What TMJ Is?

    What is TMJ? TMJ stands for temporomandibular joint, but it is the common acronym for joint or muscle pain in the jaw and associated problems. In reality, this pain and these disorders are actually kn…Read More

  9. If You are in Pain You May Need TMJ Treatment

    TMJ treatment may be something you are seeking to help alleviate jaw stress and dental problems. TMJ stands for temporomandibular joint, the joint that hinges the jaw and allows for movement such as c…Read More

  10. TMJ Pain

    TMJ Pain while serious can be treated TMJ pain can be a serious problem for living a pain free and normal life. TMJ, more accurately TMD – temporomandular disorder – is a disorder that affects the…Read More