Have you noticed heightened sensitivity to hot and cold with your teeth, severe toothaches especially as you chew or put pressure on a tooth, discoloration, or swelling and tenderness of the gums? While these symptoms can be caused by many different ailments, it might mean that you need endodontic treatment, commonly called a root canal.

In this blog, we will give a brief overview of what a root canal is and why you might need one. If you have been experiencing tooth pain or you would just like to have your teeth examined and cleaned, please contact Dr. Nahel Yanni at The Dental Group of East Brunswick. Our practice is dedicated to providing you with the best dental care available so that your teeth can look and feel great.

Why a Tooth Might Need a Root Canal

Every tooth is made up of several different materials that contribute to the structure and strength of the tooth. The outermost layer is the enamel, under that is another hard layer called the dentin, which surrounds the pulp. The pulp is a network of blood vessels, nerves, and other soft tissue that lies in the center of the tooth. The pulp is what helps create the other layers during the development of the tooth. After the complete formation of the tooth, the pulp can safely be removed as the tooth is nourished by the gums and jaw bone around it.

Your tooth might need a root canal if the pulp is suffering from inflammation or infection. While it might seem difficult for the innermost layer of a tooth to become inflamed or infected, there are a variety of causes, including decay that has made its way through the outer layers and into the pulp, a crack in the tooth caused by biting down on something, or from repeated procedures on that tooth. Some injuries to your teeth might not have any visible signs of trauma but can still damage the pulp. If your tooth isn’t treated fast enough it could lead to an abscess — a collection of pus at the root of the tooth. Abscess are painful and can cause your jaw and gums to swell.

How Does a Root Canal Procedure Fix These Problems?

A root canal treatment is a procedure where the damaged pulp is removed and replaced with another material to prevent the spread of infection and inflammation. Using very precise tools, the dentist will remove the damaged pulp, fill the emptied areas, and then reseal the tooth. The procedure may take more than one visit to complete, but you’ll notice a reduction in pain almost as soon as the infected part of your tooth has been removed.

Depending on what kind of shape your tooth is in, the dentist might have to do some restorative work to the exterior of the tooth or put a crown on it to make sure that it is as strong and functional as possible.

If you have been suffering from painful or sensitive teeth, make an appointment at Dr. Nahel Yanni’s office today. Our practice is dedicated to helping you keep your teeth as healthy as possible. Whether you need a routine cleaning, a root canal, or dental implants, we can help!

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