Have you lost teeth due to an accident, age, or a history of less-than-stellar oral health care? If you have, we understand if you feel embarrassed or sad about the way your teeth look, but you don’t have to keep hiding your smile. At The Dental Group Of East Brunswick, we can help restore your smile in a way that might be hard for you to believe.

Our dentist has performed countless dental procedures that have helped revitalize people’s smiles no matter how severe the damage was. With modern dental implants along with sedation dentistry, we can make the experience as comfortable as possible. There’s nothing stopping you from having the smile you’ve always wanted, so please call us as soon as possible for a consultation appointment. Read on to learn about a few kinds of dental implants that can have your mouth looking and feeling great!

Fixed Bridges (Permanent Dentures)

If you hear the word dentures and think of the old cartoons where ill-fitting teeth slide around against the gums, that world is long gone. We can implant a full new set of teeth that fit perfectly and are attached to your jaw bone. Not only do they look as good as real teeth, they’re easy to take care of and you don’t have to take them out at night!

Our patients with fixed bridges are able to experience the joy of eating all of their favorite foods again and being able to smile without being self-conscious. No matter how you lost your teeth, permanent dentures are a type of dental implant that is as close to having your own teeth back as possible! With regular checkups and a healthy dental care regimen, your fixed bridge will look great for decades to come.

Multiple and Single Tooth Replacements

If you still have most of your teeth, we can replace the ones that have been lost in much the same way that we attach a full-bridge. We attach anchors into your jaw and then after a period of healing, your new teeth are attached to the jaw anchors so you can eat and brush like normal.

Most people can’t get over how great these new teeth look and feel, and for good reason! Thanks to modern materials and implantation methods, it is nearly impossible to tell which teeth have been replaced.

If you need dental implants or you’re curious about the cost and benefits of having damaged or missing teeth replaced, please contact us. We are happy to answer any questions you have or to schedule a consultation so your case can be evaluated in-depth. No matter how many or how few teeth you need to have replaced, we can have you smiling like you used to! We also offer regular dental exams and cleanings, which are a great way to prevent any further damage to your teeth. At our dental clinic, we want everyone to have the healthiest smile possible, so please get in touch with us for an appointment.

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